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Body-Liner is an advancement in spray on bedliner coatings that has taken the market by storm.

With flexibility to go from Textured to Smooth & Ultra Smooth, it is the most versatile liner on the market today.

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We have taken bed-liner and changed the game!

Our white will NOT yellow & the highest gloss levels in the industry

Custom color match for every vehicle - the match is deadly accurate

Flexible and chip resistant - Perfect for springs & parts

Adheres directly to chrome with a lifetime NO PEEL WARRANTY

Our product is most UV stable liner on the market

Our product starts clear, and it’s tinted the right color all the way through, NO clear coat required

Product is hydrophobic & the most washable liner on the market

Petrochemical resistant - will not fade or stain

High Gloss & Smooth

Who would have ever thought you could get bed liner protection with a mirrored gloss finish? (Yes, that blue Dodge is a reflection in Body-Liner!)

We have worked hard to perfect our formula to be as smooth as possible, match the hardest to match colors, and look almost like paint.

It has the highest UV & Petro-Chemical resistance available so it will not fade like other liners. The hardness is adjustable from as rubbery as a tire (to deflect rocks) to as hard as a puck (for deck tops).

Three Finish Options

Body-Liner has 3 finishes available, Textured, Smooth & Ultra-Smooth.

Body-Liner's unique protected formula has adjustable gloss levels from Textured, Smooth & Ultra-Smooth finishes, with a high gloss to matte, with a color match, all the way through.

With Body-Liner the transitions can be made natural and sleek without an 'abrupt' shelf. The transition from paint to Body-liner is a thin rolled edge unlike the thick edge of bed liners. That combined with the highest gloss levels in the industry it's hard to see this protection!

The highest gloss best matching, best washing textured liner in the industry
The best mix between protection & style.
The look of paint with the protection of liner.

Not everybody likes chrome,Body-Liner is the best way to delete your chromewith a guaranteed NO PEEL Warranty!


What Are Body-Liner Customers Saying?

Ultra Smooth Body-Liner is amazing and looks just like paint. Can’t tell and people can’t believe it.

Highly recommend and will be getting future trucks done without a doubt..

Ryan L
I am beyond happy!

They applied smooth and ultra-smooth Body-Liner, paint matched rockguard and it honestly looks like brand new paint!

Carter B
I have a rare colour truck and i could not be happier with the colour match “perfect”

Corey H
The high gloss color matching is perfect! Thank you!

Liam H

We couldn't have said it better ourselves . . .

"I had smooth body liner my bumpers, grill, grill inserts, door handles and Bushwacker fender flares. I wanted more work done but wanted to real world test the product before going further. After 1 year of use on Alberta roads ( think salt, sand, gravel, calcium etc) I am unable to find a single blemish on any surface they body lined. My front bumper looks like the day it rolled out of their shop. Not one single rock chip, scuff mark, nothing at all.

Spring of 2022 my truck returned for my lower 1/4 panels, door jambs, and the tailgate to be body lined. Honestly you cannot tell the difference between the work they did a year previous. The color match is flawless. Even comparing 5 day old paint to 5 year old paint is an impossibility, you just cannot see the difference, its quite unbelievable. It makes no sense to me how 5 year old paint, One year old Body-Liner and 5 day old Body-Liner can all look identical. (on a side note, my wife does a phenomenal job with paint maintenance, which is why the original paint still looks new).

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having this type of product applied to their product to consider Body-Liner. "

Shane O


Now that you know you have another option to protect your vehicle, what is stopping you from reaching out to our licensed Body-Liner shop to discuss how you can have this revolutionary product applied to your vehicle!

We are waiting to hear from you and so you can experience Body-Liner for yourself.

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